The power of 30 days…

I just hope this is not coming too late…but like they say, better be late than never….
I wrote this down 30 days after madagascar… hence the title…..and I have not edited it since then…
let me know what you guys think about this…..but let me warn….this is the work of an amateur!

I still can see myself…..I just finished packing, I was sure I wanted to go yet so unsure if I should go…I still see myself….I just finished packing and I can’t hold back the tears…this time I am so sure I don’t want to leave…at least not just yet….in-between the two packing was 30days…that’s the power of 30days!
As the plane took off from Nigeria….I knew I was going to meet 17 other course participants-all strangers-for 30 days….as the plane touched down in Nigeria….I still couldn’t believe I just parted (I hope temporarily) with 17 family members who I have spent been with for the last 30 days- or is it 30 years!…..that’s the power of 30 days!
Then Nuno meant one thing to most or all of us….a stranger! Now Nuno still means one thing to us all, but so different- The Maestro! That’s the power of 30 days!
30 days ago…..I had no story….today I have 17 stories, for 17 kith and kin….
Alice- Marmite!
Marta- Laughter!
Nuno- Maestro or is it Food-monster? (It’s your pick).
Eric- Joker (The only time I remember him being serious was with the Dentist in Morondava!)
Peter- Story teller & Novelist
Chabi- Dancer or “Lover” of Mango? (It’s your pick).
Ciara and George- One chimney and “two” or three horses?
Hauke- Please what’s the name of that Insect again?
Arsu and Noeli- or is it Noeli and Arsu? I need to do some more thinking here…!
Bernadett- I’m “boilingly freezing”…I’m not from another planet, I just need another blanket!
Marlot- I need to go wear my TBA t shirt!
Rita- Cool, calm and collected….let’s keep vigilant!
Marie- Let’s paint those ants into the “arena of death!”
Mary- I have a Zimbabwean twin and a Nigerian Sister!
Tendai- Whose story can’t be condensed into a line or two! How else can we say of her who stunned George with a speed not even superman or mask can compete! Even the maestro for once was short of dazed! It wasn’t a race it wasn’t even a snake or was it?
….the story goes on and on…that’s the power of 30 days!
30 days ago, beef had over 10names, now, we don’t need any translator…we readily connect with “Zebu!”…that’s the power of 30days!
…I can still see the mail Clive sent us with emails and flight schedule of participants….then it was just that….nothing more…I read through names and emails…today, going through the same mail, when I read through, I see faces, smiles, stories and memories that will last with me eternally! Etched upon the tablets of my heart, treasured…never to be forgotten, never to be eroded…what did it take to make such a lasting impression? 30 unforgettable days! … That is the power of 30days!
Now I look back and I have no regret, I look back and I have no worries, I look back and I have a few tears….I have a question…why did it all had to end? Again the answer popped from the past…it had to end so that a new beginning be made available for you and I…we now have a new slate on which lies the opportunity to write the second part of the story…it had to end so we could part and we had to part so we meet again…and that is the beauty of life. Life indeed is beautiful…and all it took to prove this was 30 days…that’s the power of 30days!
So beautiful like the colours of the rainbow, we all converged…sweated under the Kirindy sun, learned under great minds, walked the beach sands of morondava and swam the Mozambique channel…dined at madam Fanzah’s table….smiled together, shared jokes together, cried together, danced together…18 great minds, 15 countries, 1 purpose, 1 reason…we all made it…this is so beautiful and this again is the power of 30 days! 


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