My Mouth my words…

I remember my undergraduate days …now this sounds like I graduated a million years ago right? J… Actually somehow it feels that way though it’s less than a half a dozen year (now that’s not so long is it?:-)) It was such fun all those years with so many class mates some of whom I was still getting to know in my final year…after 5years learning together through ASUU strikes, Jos crisis et al…we finally made it (not all of us…sadly) to the end (Phew!!!) and we thought making a year book will be a good way to keep memories alive…

Six years down the line, I am flipping through the colourful, glossy pages of the year book and seeing all those lovely faces again…re-living those years (now that’s story for another day…).When I got to my page, I looked at the quote which I choose back then to be my caption…and it read

Life is but blocks of words

…I remember clearly now the thought process that birthed that quote…I just went through the same process now and let me share my bit….

How often we open our ‘naturally endowed canons’ and ‘fire fatal missiles’ without taking into account the effect…did I say canons? Yes, missiles? Yes again…I am talking about our mouths and the words we spew out carelessly everyday…

If only we take time to pause and weigh the impact of the words we speak, I am sure this world will be a better place…I have seen how lives, dreams and hopes have been shattered…sometimes irrevocably by a single carelessly uttered word….I am no saint and I confess, I have also dealt a few verbal blows to friends and loved ones…words which I think of today and I am so ashamed of my actions..Words I wish I could take back…but you see, that’s the funny thing…a word, once uttered can NEVER be taken back…the damage is done and at best damage control will be the best option…this got me thinking, if this is the case then I better be careful with my word. Look at your life carefully consider all that motivate and keeps you going, it all boils down to words, if you are the ‘selfish’ breed then all your motivation will be “me” and “I” come first…for the ‘selfless’ breeds, it boils down to “love”, Love for others…the bottom line always comes down to words, and that is what builds our lives…our lives like it or not are woven and rotate around the words we hear and speak.

On the flip side, it is not all missiles that I come out of our mouths…we also have positive words, words that mend and build…I make bold to say, I have spoken such words to many and gosh!! I will give anything to behold the moments that capture the reaction I get…seeing the radiance break through a face when a well-timed, nicely spoken word hits the target…the smile, the bright eyes…you will know what I am talking about if you have ever spoken nicely to anyone (and I am sure you all have….there is no completely bad person I believe). Every human craves for love, that is what we thrive on, cut off Love from the world and humanity is doomed…

Let us weigh our words, the same word can hurt just as it can bless…it all depends on its usage…have you ever observed a baby…when they are old enough to recognize their names…have you seen that smile, that love whenever they hear their name called? It is bliss I tell you…then think of when the same name is shouted…the baby cringes back and you can see fear written all over the poor face, next comes tears and the baby is terrified…same word, different reaction…the key lies in its usage and the decision on how we use our words solely rests with us…we are responsible for the words we speak. Remember the 1994 Rwandan genocide? Such senseless massacre!!! And all started with some carelessly uttered words…on the other hand, think of the massive impact that these words spoken in 1963…“I have a dream” positive words, positive effect!!!

 Many of us hurt others with our words because we think we must always talk. We seem to forget to savour the sweetness of “silence is golden”… Chaim Potok puts it this way “I’ve begun to realise that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has quality and a dimension all (on) its own.” The Bible also captures it nicely “He who has knowledge spares his words… Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.”  Let us learn from these wise words and be better people…a good word is like a balm…It heals and it soothes…more so, it acts both ways, not only does it blesses and heals the receiver, but it also uplifts the giver…so you see whatever end you are, you win…it is a win-win…

Two days ago, I was selected to be a weekly columnist for a huge Facebook  group…I have been thinking deeply about it and the more I dwell on the thought, the scarier I become, it is a task I am not taking lightly…I will be dolling out words…words that will directly be targeted at thousands who are members of the group and indirectly countless more who will be second parties or will be at the receiving end of the effect my words will have on my direct audience…It awakened in me this renewed awareness of weighing my words again…what will I say to these guys? How will I say it? I just pray I get divine wisdom to carefully weigh each word and use it wisely…I see this call as an opportunity for me to impact a generation and I have to influence them positively….I have to do it right…I must get it right.

You may not have the same opportunity as I have, but we all are blessed with numerous chances daily to use our words positively, don’t waste your next chance if you have wasted the last. God through nature operates through a system based on the principle of sowing and reaping…the words you sow into other’s lives is what you will reap in yours…so if you don’t want to do good for the sake of the other party, be ‘selfish’ and do it for yourself…speak positive and healing words always…It is never too late to start, you can start now…turn left and right now…who do you see? say something nice…how about a simple “Hi”, “Good afternoon”, “How are you?”, “Thank you” add it up with a smile…remember to come back and share your experience with me…I’m waiting…:-)



2 thoughts on “Words”

  1. greeting works. I practice it regularly. Greeted a stranger during one of my lunch breaks and he paid for my drink. He told me it was rare to find such courtesy

  2. You’re so right. Words have the power to hurt or to heal. Remember the last time you fought with a friend and you guys have made up but you cant forget what hurtful words were exchanged? Its that bad. Even when you are saying the right thing, the approach also matters… the way those words are formed will determine how receptive people will be to them.
    Good luck with your facebook group! 😀

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