I love true stories…they get me thinking and looking inside, they inspire me, they challenge me. A story I have been following lately has left me and Chris (my alter ego) agreeing to disagree as we both tend to see this story from different angles…I hate it when Chris and I disagree…you know the saying about a house divided against itself…yeah…exactly, that’s the situation here…anyways incase you have not heard the story…read on and if you have still read on and see what Chris and I have to say then feel free to drop your comment afterwards.

A few weeks ago, Catarina Migliorini did what many would not even dare to dream. Catarina is a pretty 20 year old student from Brazilian with a big heart and burning passion for humanity. She comes from a humble background, she knows what it feels like to go hungry and not know where your next meal will come from. She knows what it feels like to be poor and to lack. Catarina has a dream – to better the lives of disadvantaged children.

At the age of 20, Catarina is still a virgin. But that is about to change soon as she has concluded plans to lose her virginity and to do so in style. Catarina has gone online to auction her virginity to the highest bidder. The proceeds of this which she says will go towards achieving her dream of helping the poor and build an orphanage and to better the living standard of her family. Days after the bidding process commenced, a highest bidder emerged – Nastu, a Japanese businessman. The price for Catarina’s virginity stood at approximately US$780,000. The deal has been finalized – no relationship, no marriage, just one chance to ‘de-flower’ her. Catarina’s dream of charity and philanthropy is now becoming a reality and needless to say for herself and her family, ‘levels don change’.

One Part of me (Chris) belongs to ‘the end justifies the means’ school of thought. Chris sees Catarina as a Hero and is moved to give thumbs up to her. Her family are excited and happy for her…her dream is coming true. In Catarina Chris sees one with a large heart; He see one who puts others’ need before hers – ready to give that part of her which is of immeasurable value for the sake of many less privilege children – A great act of sacrifice worthy of emulation and commendation. Oh yes, she is giving up her virginity…which She is bound to still loose someday anyways…and maybe for nothing. Her name will be written in gold in the hearts and will forever remain on the lips of many over the world especially the orphans who will benefit from her orphanage and other acts of philanthropic gestures.

The other part of me thinks she got her priorities twisted. Admitted, Catarina will have her dream fulfilled, but this is coming at a great price for which she may one day live to regret. This part of me wonders why she had to go to that extent to achieve her dream. The price is just too costly, first she will lose her virginity and I belong to the ‘virginity is priceless’ school of thought. USD780 000 is surely a huge sum of money, but at what cost? Is it worth it? Ok, granted this part of me is from the typical African age and given a chance will match Catarina round the village square with loud drumming and trumpeting to announce to everyone what a disgrace she is. If she is from some African country where virginity is regarded as a virtue to be held in high esteem, she may even pay a higher price when it comes to getting a husband (another important issue to that African part of me :-)) – that is if she will have marriage in her “to-do list” as she will definitely fall down the pecking order of an ideal “wife material”.

Pheww!!! now I feel abit sane…after spewing all this out. And please just before you crucify me (if that is what you want to) please crucify me near the cross :-).



  1. Even tho its not a battle, I’ll support Chris here..
    I think of Catarina as a strong person, who takes the step to do what she wants to do..not many people have the strength of character to do or be what they want.
    Beautiful post

  2. My thoughts exactly! She will be admired for being a virgin this long and having then wanting to help her community with the funds. However she will also be stigmatized for going against a moral code – one which religions and traditions hold dear. People kill for good intentions too! Robbers steal to help their families. Most prostitutes are not nymphomaniacs, they have the need to help someone (even if it is themselves) and to them, their actions justify everything. If that is the case, then everyone is justified!
    Maybe if she had auctioned herself for marriage the response would have been different. Also we cannot tell if it is really safe for her to be with that Nastu… her life could be changed forever. But then, we will never know, until it happens. We can only hope for the best.
    Nice write up Zeal!

    1. Thanks BlueP….you are right…we will never know what comes next….i guess we just keep our fingers crossed…
      It is usually dicey when an action has moral,religious or cultural implications…

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