Today is Friday….yay !!! I can only imagine how many out there like me are already walking with a bounce in anticipation of a fun filled weekend ahead. If you are like me then you will understand my excitement…I always look forward to Fridays…because it ushers in the weekend.

Weekends are fun times – no work (unless you belong to the uniform class or of cause if you are a banker *winks*). That is when ladies get bitten by the colour blocking virus and paint the weekend with rainbow colours like #carnival days…weekends are when we attend weddings, parties and do all the clubbing that we can. Guys can afford to get drunk on Friday without worrying about waking early with a HO on Saturday. Yes, weekends are so exciting.

When we plan for weekends, we plan for happy times, time to spend with friends and family. And isn’t that true about life generally? We all look forward to happy lives…when I was in primary school I remember how we all had huge dreams, our teacher then was fond of asking us “what do you want to be in the future?” As youths in the secondary school and tertiary institutions the same trend continues, we talk about finishing quickly getting that top professional course in university, graduating in the minimum number of years without asuu strike, wearing the ajuwaya uniform and landing a big paying job afterwards, earning big pay, driving big cars…becoming a millionaire at 25 maybe.

The ladies dream of Mr Macho walking up to them…with all the right attributes, one who will love and cherish them, spoil them silly with chocolate, love and money (yes money) and of course the grand wedding too…yes, that dream gown, then the cute babies will follow and a ‘happily ever after’ life. The guys too think of that time when they are the hottest bachelor and have all the girls tripping for them as the look for who will come to “chop my money”…life of a guy = cars, money, women…etc.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and dreaming big…I dream dreams too and if I tell you a tiny fraction of my dreams you will rename me “Joseph”. In all of these we rarely or never make a chance for when things go wrong or not move as “dreamed” or planned. The funny thing with life…rarely do all things go as planned. Things ALWAYS go wrong…and when they do, we are left with little or no option. We never planned for it so we are not prepared for it…I read somewhere that “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Maybe that is true in this sense too.

I discovered this and have since decided to make out time to think and dream of when things don’t go as planned…I try to come up with back up plans and I try to value what I have now and what value I attach to them. Because when all is lost, when plans fail, what we have left is what we hold dear…and if what we have left is not solid…your guess is as good as mine – DISASTER!!!.

I was with a lady two weeks ago…she had her dreams too…and all was going according to plan up to the point where she got married to the man of her dreams…all was so rosy for her, career, family, all aspects…then all started falling off…all started going wrong…her dad who she was so close to all of a sudden had cancer and was given 6months to live…he managed 11 months (of pain) then he passed on…next she came down with a nasty life-threatening disease…she survived it and got a little respite…as their 9th wedding anniversary approached, she was so excited…life was good…BUT…she got a shocker…he lovely husband walked out of her marriage…no fighting, nothing…he felt he wanted to taste “the other side of life”…her world came crashing…he walked out and left her alone- no child, no marriage, no love… she lost it all she had but later decided to build her life up again…how did she go about it? Did she make it? … (I will continue this story some other time).


Oftentimes life looks unfair and it is only wise and proper to take time and plan for this unfortunate but unavoidable occurrences. We lose loved ones, our businesses crash, our academics get shaky – re-sits and carry-overs litter our score sheets, we get heart broken by the very ones we have sacrificed all for, we ask so many questions but get less than few answers, everyone around us seem to succeed but our success seem caught up somewhere. What happens when life throws these challenges at us?

While we plan for our weekend, let us make time to plan for the challenges that come our way. Let us learn to “make hay while the sun shines”. And when things go our way, let us remember to build up and gather around us treasures that hold eternal values…these become the building blocks of our lives so when we get hit, we can still stand.  The parable of the wise and the foolish builder in the bible is a good reminder when the winds and the rains of life hit, the house built upon the rock stood while the house built on sand crashed.

I have chosen to hold on to one cherished possession in my life and I build around that. So that when things don’t go as planned I have a water-tight back up plan. I hold on to Jesus.


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