A star is Born

The sun was blazing, the time was crawling and the excitement was at a crescendo..but my breakfast was almost used up so my energy was also draining…They said he is on the way so we had to keep standing…in a straight line by the road side in the scorching sun…my uniform was neatly starched and ironed, I had a new pair of white socks. Hours later I was now surviving by grace then a siren sounded in the distance…in a few seconds a power bike zoomed past…a few minutes more (now all the lost energy was back) and a number of big black cars with tinted glasses and full headlights on drove past…now the frenzy was back again (hunger was forced to take the back seat albeit temporarily)..waving and cheering…stretching to catch a glimpse of the governor…but he was not there…this was only the advance party!!! It took some more waiting before another round of similar cars this time with very mean looking men in black suits hanging from the doors and windows approached…now I was scared…the governor arrived all right and yes he stood through the car roof and waved with a white handkerchief…he smiled at us and never offered a word of apology for coming late..:-)

…wake up son…you need to go shower and get set for school…I opened my eyes and went through a few seconds of confusion where I was…it was a dream after all…no governor, no advance party nothing!!!

Yes, though it was a dream but a similar scenario happened to my friends…I was lucky not to be selected in the welcome party on that day…they came back to tell us the story…it was a consolation to us who were not chosen …that day was lesson-free day and back then, nothing is as good as a lesson free day…nothing except Christmas day!! :-)- who says every disappointment is not a blessing?

I have always said to my friends that I really don’t like going for funerals…no don’t get me wrong..it’s no superstition…I am not afraid of death -ok maybe I am a little bit afraid of the idea…but that is not why I dislike funerals…I don’t like funerals because each of the funerals I have attended ends up more or less the same…it has been a tribute ceremony…the deceased is always a star…glowing tributes flow from one speaker to the next and you can hear the crowd groaning and weeping in agreement.   I usually wonder how much of these praise did the deceased receive while still alive? Must we always wait for our loved ones to die before we celebrate them? why can’t we celebrate our stars while they are still with us…why don’t we tell them we so proud of you for being the best in what you do? or is the problem with us all that we are usually so blind to see all the good till the person is dead and gone?

2012 came and with it came an idea…celebrating the stars with us…truly a gold fish has no hiding place and a house built on the mountain top they say is visible to all…so also are the stars in our midst. It is like starring at the sky at night…the stars decorate what is a dark sky…they make the sky beautiful…Stars give direction, they have aided navigation from time past and still do…I still look for the northern star every now and then. The importance of stars especially at night – a night so dark and cold – can never be over emphasized . My science tells me stars emanate huge amounts of energy  which can be more than what we receive from the sun (a small star!!!).

Just as the stars in the sky, some people play a similar role in our this world..some of them live and pass on unnoticed in their generation..few however, get to be celebrated. If we can name the stars in the galaxy, we can at least celebrate the stars in our midst. We need them especially in this dark and gloomy times, we need stars to light up the world, to give directions, to help others navigate home.. We need stars to look up to, to get energized.

But how can we do this if a platform to celebrate them is not created?

Izhan magazine crew had the dream which is aimed at creating such platform. …the idea since its birth has since grown in leaps and bounds, it has gathered momentum and like a woman in labour, the time is almost here where the water breaks…So yes like the arrival of the governor, I am the advance party and now the sirens are all blaring…the advance party is zooming past…the star is about to arrive…

Izhan which means ‘star’ in Tarok language is a magazine created to tell the untold story of the next generation, the stories of achievement and celebration. A story of the stars within..a story of an emerging generation. The focus is on the Tarok nation…and the cause? So much is being achieved by young people of Tarok decent in the world of academics, business, culture and sports  and more…so If we don’t tell the world our own story, who will?  It is a decision to celebrate the stars within us…it is a decision by a team of youth to be advance party for the stars of our time – The Tarok’s finest professionals.

Izhan is the best thing to have happened in a long time. So keep waving your flags, keep cheering the stars, point them out…contact the Izhan team and let us make this world a better place…the countdown begins now!!!

You just got to keep your hand on the pulse right here as updates will keep coming…. I promise you that. oh and less I forget, let me introduce you to other members of this grand advance party…:-) they are Mr. Website a.k.a. http://www.izhanmagazine.com, Mr. twitter handle alias @IzhanMagazine, and finally but not the least Ms email nee izhanmagazine@gmail.com. Now watch out for the star…coming right up!!Image


8 thoughts on “A star is Born”

  1. For the a moment the writer got me thinking it was a true story and i was filled with pity for the poor little children.Good work

  2. I guess we take good things for granted, but that ain’t right. Izhan is a step in the right direction… We NEED to celebrate the stars we have. Nice one dear.

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