I love the environment and it bleeds my heart when I see how our life styles and activities destroy the environment. I am a conservation biologist both by training and at heart. The changes I have seen happening in the environment is scary and it is even more alarming to see that this change is not abating but has been on the increase especially over the last few decades.
I am not sure when it happened but it is no news that we have so fallen in love with plastics in our contemporary world today, a walk down the street now and I come across plastics in all forms, shapes, colours and forms…plenty plastics, beautiful plastics. From fancy plastic bags to plastic packaging and packs, from plastic water bottles to plastic chairs…it is plastic everywhere. From the urban areas to the rural, from developed nations to the less developed and underdeveloped nations the trend is the same…plastics in all forms and shapes are used every day.
Plastics are nice but plastics are also killers…plastics do not completely decompose this means they remain in the environment, filling up space and disrupting ecological balance in the environment. When plastics pile up, they need to be disposed off and since they do not readily decompose, it becomes a problem how to manage the ever increasing plastic pile. One way in which plastics are disposed off is by dumping them in the ocean.
After the plastics are dumped what happens next? Yeah usually the thought might be that, that will be the end of it – case closed. What many perhaps fail to realize is that another world exist in the ‘waters’…the aquatic world made up of lots of organisms, the aquatic biodiversity also need a healthy aquatic environment to survive and with the dumping of waste in the ocean, this dream is becoming bleak and ‘dooms day’ seem to draw closer with each passing day. No thanks to humans, our lifestyles and inconsideration to other biodiversity.
I just watched this short video clip on how terrible things can get with the dumping of plastic waste in the ocean. Now this is just what plastic waste can do, there are other wastes that are disposed off into the environment daily, having catastrophic effects on plants and animals. What we may not know is these effects don not end with the plants fishes and other animals only but subsequently reach up to humans who depend on these plants and animals directly or indirectly as food source. So at the end of the day we end up harming ourselves by our actions – Poetic justice!!! Nature has us all interconnected. It is always a case of “an Injury to one is an injury to all” Here, the law of Karma comes to play – “What goes around comes around”.
How can we change this trend? Well, maybe there is no quick and easy answer to this, but we can all play a part in slowing down the pace of this environmental degradation Let us change our mind set…embrace the 3 Rs – Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce.

Cut down on the plastic you use, REUSE the plastic you have, I am talking about plastic bags, bottles and other containers, you don’t need to ask for a plastic bag each time you go shopping. Learn to refuse plastic…carry your bag from home or if it is a few items you are buying, hold it in your hands.

Patronize RECYCLED products, they are more environmentally friendly.

REDUCE the amount of waste that goes into the environment…think of the biodiversity that gets affected by the waste we produce.

Be environmentally friendly, show some love to the environment 🙂 .



  1. Yay! I totally agree with you. If we want our environment to live longer we have to take care of it. Here in Nigeria the recycling trend is just gaining ground pretty fast, and I am associated with a group called RecyclePoints. They encourage the recycling habit by awarding you points for every recyclable product you have and when you have a certain number of points you get goodie rewards.
    Sad video too, poor creatures! 😦 Like you said we can’t change overnight but we can try to, a day at a time. I fully support the recycling initiative!

  2. Thank you Nuala…it is heart warming to hear how the recycle trend is gaining ground in NIgeria…so excited to hear about your group RecyclePoints…I will see how I can link up with you guys…
    A really sad video i agree…but like you rightly mentioned, when we all put together our individual efforts, then that change we so desire will be achievable sooner than later…

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