Every now and then in our lives we come to this “wow moment” it is like a light bulb suddenly illuminates the darkness in your mind….you know, that aha!! moment? yeah right….
Today I had one such moments and it happened shortly after awoke up from sleep..i woke up lazy and a bit later than usual… I stretched and picked my phone then logged into twitter….nothing caught my fancy and was about to drop the phone when i came across a tweet from my friend Lahmeet…it was about a new blog and i clicked on the link but did not read immediately. My mood was still foul and the worried halo circled my head. I dropped the phone and covered my face again to sleep some more…i had vowed not to leave home today. My mind was on over drive and I found no sleep then I picked the phone and decided to read the new blog “Memoirs of the metamorphosis” then came my ‘wow’ moment. I have not read a piece that spoke so straight to me like this in a long while…It was like the blogger took a peek into my mind and printed out the blog straight off my thoughts…now I will say no more…read this and I am sure you will be glad you did 🙂

Don’t forget to drop a comment and follow the blog…some rich stuff going down there I tell ya…



Memoirs Of The Metamorphosis

I woke up today with this thought firmly on my mind: If you don’t do anything about the future, when you get there, you won’t see anything.

I felt fear, panic and discouragement all at the same time because I stopped to consider this; the fact that I don’t like what I am seeing today is either of these two thoughts, I didn’t do anything about it in the past or what I did wasn’t enough and it made me wonder, what do I want the future to be like?

I asked myself questions in line with what I know from the book of Proverbs 6; Am I a sluggard? Am I lazy in my mentality? Is that why I am where I am today?

So many emotions that I am battling with…I remember the night I sat up in tears, serious tears and I was asking so many questions…

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