Once in a while you run across an article that you just feel you can’t help but re-blog….yeah that’s me today and I just feel this needs re-blogging….here we are….DIRECTION!! we all need some yeah?

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Yesterday was an eye opener for me. I had an experience I actually did not plan for but it opened a gamut of infomation and ideas to my head. Let me take you on a journey of experience!
I went to a military school growing up and to a large extent I love order and hate it when people break ranks. However that is not the real matter or story here. I was on Ahmadu Bello way yesterday and saw the grid lock of cars of which I realised to a large extent could have been avoided with some degree of patience. It also opened my eye to see that the average Nigerian knows what is right and good to do but are waiting for someone to prod and guide them along. This was a painful realisation as I noted with pain that we are not a society concerned…

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