Seven months after I made a post celebrating my first 50likes on this blog I am again moved to make another post to celebrate another FIFTY..and this time it is a cheers to 50 followers!! Whoop whoop!!!
My foray into blogging has been one borne out of a desire to create a platform where I can unleash my almost unending torrent of thoughts and sometimes opinions on EVERYTHING…and yes I mean everything…many times I sit down and think to myself I surely must have the craziest mind on earth…I am amazed I have managed to stay sane for the three decades of my existence. So yeah to keep my sanity intact, I thought a platform to unleash the creative and not so creative side of me that is sometimes hidden and sometimes not to the real world is necessary.

So has everything gone according to plan? No, not really, it has not all gone as I expected…I have not been able to blog with the frequency I thought I would…I have fallen short in the respect…am I surprised? No, if anything I have learnt to give that allowance in my life to never say never…I always give room for change (both pleasant and unpleasant). So yes things have not gone as planned and I have like a pile of excuses..yes but I won’t even go there!!

It has not all been down though…in all honesty there are a lot of plus and ups. One of which is why I am writing today…fifty terrific and marvelous followers…that is a wow for me and I celebrate everyone of you who have taken time to stick by even when you had that option not to…thank you!

I have made a deliberate effort to hold onto some character traits that I think define my personality. One of these character traits is appreciation…I show appreciation for everything…baby steps, giant steps, little leaps, massive leaps. I show appreciation and it has worked in keeping me sane in a crazy world, it has kept me happy in a sad and gloomy world. I recommend same for you…and it costs you absolutely nothing.

So to all my 50 followers…here is a deeply appreciative bloke taking a bow and blowing out a kiss to each of you. Your virtual presence is acknowledged and appreciated. So let’s click cheers to the next 50 followers.


One last word…yesterday South Africa received the news of the gruesome murder of the Bafana Bafana goalie and stand in Captain Senzo Meyiwa at the young age of 27…such a happy and friendly man and excellent footballer…in his short career with the South African National team he is yet to concede a goal…today news and social media sites have been flooded by news of his demise…many paying tribute to a friend, a brother, a player, a colleague whose life was cut off in its prime. We all will die too someday…what will we be remembered for? Rest in Peace Senzo!


Photocredits: GoogleImages


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