WALK ME DOWN THE AISLE SERIES: Episode 8: Tired…but the Journey has begun. – 17 days

I guess I am permitted to feel tired. I have always had deep respect to all those who have planned and executed a wedding but now more than ever before my respect for them has shot right through the roof and now sits at an all time high.

It is exactly 17 days left between now and MY our wedding day. That is two weeks and three days. To make me feel better, 1,468,800 seconds or 408 hours to the day. I feel drained emotionally but my heart beats with excitement. The whole planning period leading up to the day has been a huge emotional investment on my part. It is a very special day and I am determined to make every second of the day a memorable and happy one for me but more especially for Tendai. I know it will mean a lot to her.

As my fingers softly tap on my computer’s keyboard, my mind is still contemplating on final plans and going through all that needs to be done, what has been done and what I need to check up on again. That seems to be the sequence of thoughts that my mind has had on replay recently. I know can understand why some hire wedding planners to plan and execute their plans for the big day. While I can understand why, I thought I can’t do it. I think the wedding day is such a hugely significant and special day in the lives of the couple that the least they can do is to enjoy it fully and this includes the planning phase too and all the excitement and stress that comes with it. Having some stranger or anyone else plan for your wedding robs you off this very significant and part of the wedding. I feel tired and almost spent yes but I won’t have it another way 🙂


Our trip to Nigeria has started! Yeah…Tendai is currently in Zimbabwe, she will spend time with family while she applies for her visa to Nigeria, I will leave Cape Town to meet up with her at Johannesburg next week then we proceed to Nigeria together for the final 10 days that will lead to the big day. So Tendai is gone this means the journey truly has started…and this is only getting more real.


Finally I am moving into the flat that is going to be home for Tendai and me. It has been physically tasking for me…so add to the guy low on emotional energy fuel the stress of moving and you have an idea of the state I am now :-). Everything is packed into boxes now thanks to Tendai who saw to it before travelling. The bit that was left unpacked I have used the last few days packing and now I am all but ready to move into the new flat…this flat will be “our home” now that’s new terminology if you get where I am coming from. We even signed the lease contract in both our names!!


Yes, this indeed is getting more real…

I am still tired….


3 thoughts on “WALK ME DOWN THE AISLE SERIES: Episode 8: Tired…but the Journey has begun. – 17 days”

  1. Woah! It’s amazing how time flies, I haven’t been married but I’ve gone through planning the events with my siblings – it was pretty intense! Somehow you still manage to blog which gives me the impression that you are really keeping your chill together, good job!
    Congratulations on the new home again, moving can be tiring fun, but I’m sure its even more exciting when you know you’re moving in with someone you love! I can only hope you set it up the way Tendai likes, haha!
    Welcome to Nigeria! I hope everything about the wedding turns out as it should, and even beyond your expectations. I hope you know we’ll be expecting pictures!

    1. Yeah time sure flies dear…thank you for being part of this time flight too 🙂 I have spent the whole of today moving into the new house so you now have an idea of what the next episode will look like…

      I really wonder how I make out time to blog…hahaha…This episode 8 is the most challenging…had to push myself real hard to write it…glad you could relate to my current challenges with your experience helping out with wedding planning…I should have included you more in my plans you know 😉
      I will share pics but even more would love if you take the pics and share them…meaning you have to be there and no excuse is good enough to save you! 😀

  2. Counting the days with you Zee…praying that it will be a chance for God to also prepare both you and Tendai’s hearts for the great adventure that awaits you!!!! Whoop whoop!!!

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