Making Love at the Edge

Two days ago I received an email from Marta…now I am not sure what prompted her to send me the email (I should make a note to send her an email asking why). She said she just returned to Portugal from Greece where she had gone to meet with her boyfriend’s folks. Perhaps that may be the reason why she sent the email…maybe not.

Ok, I met Marta in Madagascar in 2009…I still remember the day we met…it was October 30th …we met at the airport in Antananarivo. She had the most amazing smile I had seen and she was so chatty from the word go…you know one of those people who are sanguine to the core? Yes that is Marta…we both had arrived for a Tropical Biology Association (TBA) course along with 16 other participants from 13 countries spread over Africa and Europe. We had participants from Benin Republic, Germany, Cameron, Ireland, Rwanda, the UK, Nigeria, France, Netherlands, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Portugal and Madagascar.

It was love at first sight for me and Madagascar. It was my first time on an island, I had read a lot about the country and yes I had also watched the cartoon and have fantasized long enough for the day I will get the opportunity to also sing and dance  “I wanna move it, move it”.. :-). My dream was finally coming to reality. Geographically, Madagascar is located off the south easterly coast of Africa. I call it the other edge of Africa. We became a family and formed a strong bond. Its been over 3 years now since the course ended but our bond has only grown stronger, we exchange emails and have kept in touch since. There at the edge of Africa, I found love, and there love was made; A new family was born; a family that included Marta and all the other members of the TBA family.

Yes, so while love was made and a family was born, a bond which was more special to me was also developing in Madagascar…I was bonding with the entire participants and other staff of the course but I experienced something more than just an ordinary bond with one of the participants. I still am not sure when it started, but I all of a sudden discovered that there was an angel within our midst I felt my heart beat quicken each time our gaze lock. I was falling in love and for all the right reasons. The participant from Zimbabwe has captured my heart…I felt the chemistry and other participants also saw the magic.

Marta’s Photo of Tendai and I
Kirindy, Madagascar

Marta also saw the bond and never wasted an opportunity to tell us how good we look together. We seem to be everyone’s ideal couple. In Marta’s email, she attached a photo…I was completely unaware the picture was taken…Now Marta has a way with words….so since she took the photo and sent it to me…I will allow her do the talking  as well…this is what she had to say in her email. “…I was looking at the old book of memories and found something I wanted to share with you… 🙂 I took the picture attached when we were at kirindy. You were so deeply connected in one of your thousands conversations that you didn’t even noticed my presence inside the room. I still remember my thoughts while I was taking the picture. “I have to immortalize this moment. What a deep connection of souls. This is the beginning of something beautiful. I am happy I took it…I am happy I am sharing it with you… 🙂  A big kiss for you both!! And Love…Always love…”

I can’t say more…thank you Marta for immortalizing that moment…I will forever cherish the photo. Indeed that was a connection of souls and the beginning of something beautiful… today, three years down the line, Tendai and I are still exploring the world of love together…I love her more even as the years go by and each day we spend together, is a reminder of the great privilege God granted me to meet Marta and the other beautiful souls in Madagascar in 2009. That year, at the edge of Africa, love was made; a new family was born….but more importantly to me, a bond was formed, two beautiful souls were eternally connected and I found Tendai…the love of my life.

From that Madagascar to the other coast of Africa, the south-western coast of Africa, actually the most south-westerly point of Africa continent, The place called Cape Point, South Africa, another of my/our giant love stride was taken in April, 2013…Seems, my love story has always been made on the edge… 🙂 I will tell you about that in my next post…for now I got to go…need to call Tendai who is currently away in Kenya for a few days…another edge of Africa 😉


Six-Word Memoir


“Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow” I just read somewhere that those where the last words of Steve Jobs…well, I guess not literally but on record, perhaps his last words at a public function. In Six words Steve gave a memoir – his mini Autobiography and it speaks of amazement and awe!!! But wait a minute, isn’t that exactly what we remember him with today? The ‘I-’ family from the pods to the pads and more still leave us going oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

That  got me thinking of a devotional I read a few days ago…now let me give you a summary… 🙂

King Solomon…was one of the greatest men to have ever lived, blessed with Riches and Wisdom like no man had before him…and maybe not after him – yet 🙂 I am sure if Solomon had lived in this generation, he would have been a blogger…I am a great fan of two of his books…Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. While Proverbs is full of wise sayings, Ecclesiastes is mostly known for the frequency of the word “vanity” in it highlighting Solomon’s disillusionment about life.

The comparism is so glaring…while at the beginning of his life Solomon got all his priorities right and his words were wrapped with wisdom which gained him worldwide recognition and respect, I can’t help but notice the disappointment coming from Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes. One man two books, two messages. “God has given me great wisdom” would have been an apt memoir for Solomon at the end of Proverbs. Coming to Ecclesiastes however, Solomon had a completely different experience as he captured his conclusion on matters with these words “…Fear God and Keep His commandments…” this he said is the whole duty of man…I can’t agree more. Somewhere in between Proverbs and Ecclesiastes Solomon might have had his focus blurred and lost his bearing…but he made a 360 degree turn and found his focus again hence these great six words in his conclusion – words I am sure are worth heeding by you and I.


I read of an online magazine which invited its readers to submit six-word memoirs that describe their lives (I call it a mini auto biographyJ) …the responses were as varied, interesting, inspiring and shocking as the readers were varied… 😀

Now I present you with the opportunity to write your six-word memoir too….you just might inspire someone or get inspired by someone … 🙂

Get writing friends 🙂